To a successful & profitable freehold

BPM Ltd fully appreciate that your primary requirement, as freeholder, is peace of mind. Peace of mind to know that:

  • Your property is being effectively and professionally managed.
  • You are meeting your legal obligations under lease agreements.
  • You are kept informed of any issues which may affect you as the freeholder.
  • You are keeping your residents happy.
  • Ensuring and effective relationship and a profitable tenancy.


BPM Ltd has a principle aim to ensure that residents live in an attractive, well cared for environment and that their investment in their properties is protected, as are yours.

Expert advice

BPM Ltd only employ professional and experienced property managers who are well versed with the current legislation governing the management of leasehold properties. We ensure that leasehold legislation is always complied with, and advise our clients of their rights and legal obligations under the terms of the lease.

Your own dedicated property manager

When we take over the management of your property, we assign a dedicated property manager to you and that person is available during normal office hours, Monday through Friday. Your dedicated property manager will have the skills and experience to carry out the sometimes quite complex and demanding task of managing your property effectively whilst keeping your tenants happy.

Property inspections

We carry out regular inspections of the properties we manage. However the resident/managing agent relationship is very important to us and we do, to some degree, rely on residents keeping us informed of particular problems that we would otherwise not be aware of. For larger developments we also provide regular management reports which detail any major issues affecting your property or the residents.

BPM Ltd take responsibility for the day to day matters relating to any communal areas within a property, including the appointment and management of all contractors, insurance policies and legislative reports.

Help when you need it

To own a leasehold flat means that the flat owner will have entered into a long lease containing contractually binding covenants to ensure the efficient running of the block. These covenants usually relate to the payment of ground rent, service charge and buildings insurance. In addition, there are regulations governing how a flat owner must behave in relation to the other occupiers and restrictions on how the property is to be used. A separate body is required to enforce these covenants. Without such a body, issues such as collection of service charges, maintenance of the common parts and the provision of services would go unattended and the management of the block would break down. This is where BPM Ltd can help you. BPM Ltd employees are well versed in ensuring these sometimes complex covenants are adhered to.